Turalyon is coming back next patch!!!!!

I was on the PTR and I was messing around in Outland of all places. Don't ask why.

Anyways, I was flying between Netherstorm and HFP. You know, there's that crazy ship floating and small floating islands with nothing there? Well, there USED to be nothing there.

On one of the islands, there is now some level 85 "Twilight Assassin" mobs who are attacking a friendly NPC there. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this NPC: it was High General Turaylon.

Yes, it's that Turalyon. That paladin which went to Outland but Bliz conveniently have left his story untold. Until now. Badass pally who kicked Orgrim Doomhammer's ass. Looks like he was to be a secret surprise.

So I jumped in, killed the mobs which were attacking the great paladin, hoping this starts a quest or dialogue or something. Sure enough, that yellow exclamation mark appeared. So I clicked on Turalyon, but no voice. Guess that wasn't added yet (hopefully this means he doesn't just get a generic human voice).

Anyways, I picked up the quest "The Legend of Lothar" from him. Turns out I had to listen to Turalyon's story. This might not be for everyone, but here's the excerpt:

Turalyon "I remember fighting Cho'gall and as the Twilight Hammer Clan. It brings back the memories of that horrible war, where I couldn't save Lothar"

Player: "What happened in that war, great Paladin?"

Turalyon: "It was in front of Blackrock Spire, the final battleground for the second war. The orcs were on the retreat. Lothar had hoped they would just give up. But Orgrim Doomhammer, warchief of the Horde, refused to give it. We clashed. The orcs were fighting with all their might, and so did we."

Player: "Go on"

Turalyon: "I got separated from Lothar, and when I found him, he was surrounded and locked in a duel with Doomhammer. Even when surrounded, Lothar's resolve did not waver. He was matching Doomhammer blow for blow, each blow so strong that the clash of metal can be heard across the battlefield"

Player: "Go on"

Turalyon: "I charged to aid my Lord, but Orgrim's warriors barred the way. I could only watch as Doomhammer gain an upper hand and delivered the fatal blow. The sound of Lothar's sword shattering... I can still hear it. I could have saved him, but I failed"

Player: "Why couldn't you save him? Was it because of the orcs?"

Turalyon: "No, after Lothar was struck. The orcs all cheered. Orgrim thought this would shatter the Alliance's morale. They let me through to Lothar, probably intending to make me deliver the messenager of Lothar's demise. Little did they know that only made me more determined to destroy those wicked beasts. Alas, all of my vengence still couldn't have saved Lothar. It was my fault"

Player: "Why was it your fault? Why couldn't you save Lothar?"

And Turalyon replied: "My word of glory was on cooldown"