A lot of Rift players new to MMOs?

What makes me say that you ask?

1. The complaining about quests. "I'm sick of the, kill, fetch,gather, escort type quests in this game"...Umm, name one MMO that doesn't have these. Then tell us all how you would design quests.

2. Crying about server down-time. Hello! Have you ever been involved in the launching of a MMO before? No? Well let me assure you downtime within the first couple of weeks will be random and unexpected. Consider it birthing pains. Perfectly normal, and understandable. No mmo has started its tenure online and had no downtime. Relax, as the game is online more the downtime will be less un-expected.

3. Class Balance. Ok if you've got your panties all in a knot over one class "seemingly" being over-powered over others, take WoW for an example. A huge amount of money and resources at Blizzard's disposal yet after 6 years they're sitll trying to balance classes.
Now look at Rift. With all of the class possibilities and you should be able to deduce how hard it is for the developers to make everyone happy all the time. Relax again...It will be a work in progress for the rest of Rifts career. What goes around comes around. Classes that seem weak will get a boost and the OP ones will get nerfed. ad-nauseum.

So come on folks. Cut this company some slack and stop acting like the things that need adjusting in this game are somehow unigue to Rift. Every MMO has the same growing pains.

Try to show some patience and maturity when "telling" the developers off. Lets encourage them rather to keep making this game the success it already is.


  1. I always feel bad for MMO developers. Back in the early days of gaming, a company made the game, and released it. That was it. Now, to remain competitive, they have to constantly update, fix and balance.

  2. it may be that some player are new to MMO but i think that MMO could use some new features becuase nowdays almost all of them are the same.

  3. every game has people that complain!

  4. the game is new, expect it, now Final Fantasy XI that one is by no means pick up and play, you have to know what you are doing and shit takes for ever to do, to ride a chocobo you have to be level 26 and then you have to do a 14 hour quest...and I mean that really it is 14 hours minimum