Rift Accounts Hacked Already?!

It has come to my attention that there have been some successful hacking attempts in Rift already. While I am not one to bring up negative points very often, this is one MAJOR concern many in the community. While I can sit here and spout not to visit naughty websites and or suspicious sites. There have been times where hijackers have found creative ways to piggyback of reputable sites through add-ons and advertisements. 

So the question is, where does the responsibility lie? Is it Trion's responsibility to offer us some form of advanced protection like an authenticator to protect our accounts against malicious intents? Or does this fall solely on the shoulders of the person paying for the account to ensure their computer is safe from the harmful effects of worms, trojans, malware etc.

I can speak from a technical support agent's perspective and say the majority of internet users are no where near aware enough of the possible threats out there. And from that same perspective I can say even the best protection software is often not enough to save you from a quick striking attack.

So while I am all for taking the blame if my account is hacked, I would still like to see a measured effort from the company that I will be paying hundreds of dollars over the next years to assist me in protecting my account. After all, it is Trion's product that will ultimately suffer if the trend I am seeing continues.

Please respond to this post if you feel Trion should do SOMETHING to increase account security. 


  1. Does Rift have any sort of authenticator available like WoW does? I'm not sure why other MMO companies haven't implemented the authenticator idea yet, it helps prevent hacking in WoW a lot.

  2. More account security is always better in games. The only issue I find is people are getting messy and careless nowadays, believing that just using the built in protection is good enough to cover their idiocy.

  3. i think the should increase security, i mean rift looked like a game i could have bougth but now that i read this i think maybe i will pass.

  4. i think it is completely up to the site owner/network to have security for thier website.

    look at maplestory, it is basically unhackable now.

    took 4 years, but still, it is fucking fort knox now.

  5. As long as there's humans involved, there will be hack-attempts and auccessful hacks. My opinion.

  6. If the administration does nothing about it, everyone will inevitably get hacked, and have to start over from scratch afterward. Would kill the entire game if there is no security, just like any other game.