Graduation Speeches are Over-Rated

If you're like me, you have an alt strictly for gathering. This blessed alt may not be 85 or it may be (from gathering) or you may of leveled him first. Either way, this alt is usually a druid. Have to love being able to gather without popping out of bird form. With the initial nerf to nodes (Herbs n Ore) because of the amount of farming done in Deepholm the first few days of the expansion. Some of us struck it rich, some people were a day late and a dollar short. Either way, its been nerfed.

Now if you have read my posts from the start or perhaps just started following my posts and have read back into the forgotten posts known as J's Cache: The Archives, then you'll see that farming plays a big part of my gold income. With herb prices still very high and ore slowly dropping the window for gathering alts to be worth their weight in gold is slowly closing. I'll be giving up the gathering druid within a couple weeks and move into just buying/selling on the AH. Several guildies comment to me daily on how much spam my gatherer puts off while farming. So I let them in on my spot and now I'll let you in on my 'honey hole'...

I know what you're thinking; "Jcache, don't be stupid, thats close to a quest hub, lots of traffic going through there, it wont be worth my time." I agree, its a simple enough spot, decent amount of herbs and ore even with mediocre traffic coming through and people questing. Theres a method to my madness though, there is a quest called Graduation Speech. This quest must -not- be completed, if you haven't completed it, you'll be in a different phase where traffic as well as the amount of people farming this area is -very- low. The respawn rates and nodes available are also affected by people outside of your phase making this one of the most profitable areas to farm that hasn't been whacked with the nerf-bat. So herbalists and miners, get to work!


  1. Thanks for the tip! I needed some good mining spots.

  2. Gotta love phased instances.