Getting Geared...

Heroics are hard! I hear it everywhere, please don't get me started. No, they are not, they're just not the zergfest WotLK was. A more legitimate problem is that one does not have access to other good players/guild and have to put up with randoms in the LFD, usually people who are buffing their score with items in their bags. 

My guild is past this stage for the most part, we're already seeing raid content and pushing past the 333/346 range. Even though this is the case it seems like anyone who has to use the LFD tool ends up complaining.

Being random, they also provide 70 justice points. Heroics provide around 300 after the first one, 150/hour, for your effort. From justice points you can buy offhand, waist, neck, head, hands, legs, shoulders, chest and shield item, ilvl 346. The above list misses head, shoulder and hands, with the cost of 5500 points. If you saved 4000 points from WotLK, you should only run 20 normals to buy them all. If you are new, you can still buy 2 while reaching 2 exalted reputations.

So if someone spams random normal 85 instances and farms gold, he'll have 1-2 333, 7-9 epics, the rest 346 without ever setting foot in a heroic.

There is a psychological subject of the same topic: why people keep on whining how hard the heroics are instead of doing the obvious steps, either farm normals+gold, or run with your guild.

Now stop the QQ, I don't have my flood boots.


  1. I miss the days when heroics were... heroic.

  2. Ha, one of the endless debates. The people who are lazy and don't want to try are also the peoples whose voices are the loudest. So instead of "taking the obvious steps" as you so-perfectly put it, they would rather take the easy steps.

    Its a shame..

  3. Actually i prefer the new heroics. In wrath they were way too easy and everyone has the same gear.
    Nice blog