Well, its been a few days since my last post. This one is going to be a little off topic and mostly a rant with a touch of rave.

We started 25mans this week and have done decent, only put in 6 hours or so and are sitting at 7/12 (Conclave, Wyrmbreaker, V&T, Magmaw, Omnotron, Maloriak and Atramedes).

(Amazingly fight, the most fun I've had since Mimiron hard mode)

So, raiding went well, I managed to rank on world of logs on a few fights for rogues (combat). Managed to rack up the valor points to pick up something in the 1650 range, so I went for my trinket. Picked it up, hit the dummies for a bit to test it vs. the others I had. I returned it to save the valor points as I toyed with other trinkets. So right before raid, I rush to the vendor, snag my trinket and accept my summon to BWD. Go in, kick Atramedes' ass and call it a night. So I manage to pick up a hurricane deck from a guildie at a price lower than what I planned to pay, so I was happy. I was speaking to a fellow rogue about my trinket setup and linked the valor point trinket...only to realize my mistake...I'd picked up the caster trinket...and raided...all night with it...I sat in horror for minutes realizing what an idiot I was...and how the 2 hour window to return it had expired. So, Im currently sitting around with a ticket to a GM in and waiting on some help. So, thats my WoW horror story of the week.

On another note, you guys should check out GoblinSpot. Has everything it needs to be a solid community for us WoW players who love to make gold.


  1. I was a Tree/Kitty Druid, during quite a few fights I'd forget to switch trinkets or accidentally activate my gear switching macro. I know your pain.

  2. We need to start raiding soon as well.