How I'm Making Gold in Cataclysm (JMTC Blogging Carnival)

The topic for JMTC's Blogging Carnival for January 2nd was pretty simple, "How Are You Making Gold in Cataclysm". For me, its been skinning. First, it was farming the stone bats(skinning) and the jaspertip swarmers in Deepholm while under the influence of the treasure finding potion. It didn't take long before this was nerfed, the bats are no longer skinable. With the price of leather still high on my server I continued to search for a large concentration of easily farmed and skinable mobs.

(The red dots are where the mobs are located)

While on my tankadin (who is my skinner). Waiting on an AFK healer at the start of Lost City of Tol'Vir, I pulled a pack of tigers and their Tamer, quickly burning through them. Everyone looted and I pulled the second pack, then as I scrolled over one to loot, the skinning icon showed up and the rest is history.

After the instance I quickly returned back to Lost City, this time I was solo. Tossing my buffs and seal up I popped wings and pulled the first pack, focusing on the Elite the tigers died quickly due to his shared damage as well as the tankadin's AoE. The second pack went no differently, using 3 HP Word of Glorys to keep myself up was more than enough. 

Spending about 5 minutes per zone in, stepping out, resetting and repeating 5 times until the instance cap is hit takes just under 30 minutes for me and yields pretty nice results.

Grey items: 28g
113x Savage Leather=22xHeavy Savage Leather (75g per): 1650
17x Embersilk Cloth: 68g
13x Toughened Flesh: 65g
1x Heavenly Shard: 125g

I'm sure there are better ways that yield more gold/time spent but I couldn't ask for a simpler way for steady income. Also, be sure to check out JTMC and for all my fellow bloggers, take part in the Blogging Carnival!


  1. A friend of mine, which is a skinner, had noticed the great skinning value of these tigers, but we never went for them... Now that you've shown me they're soloable I'll surely give them a try... Thanks!

  2. Hey! its Blood from goblin spot I saw this and it was one of the only ones I wanted to try out and I didn't even know it was you! now i decide to check on your blog and here it is^^ hehe thanks for the tip m8