Gearing Your Protadin (Pre-Raid Protadin Gear Guide)

So I've been faced with the task of gearing up my Protection Paladin for our alt run, I've slowly compiled a list for myself that I will now share with everyone. It should even work for prot warriors. I will try to list at least three items per slot in order of desirability. I will try to include at least one non-drop item in every position to give you something to work for without facegrinding an instance for one elusive piece of gear. For the most part any ilevel 346 items are fairly similar, with slight tweaks of the stats. It's hard to pinpoint which piece comes out on top. Use your own stats on what you need to fill in and keep in mind reforging! 

Head: With no blue secondary socket we turn to the socket bonus, which just so happens is stamina on 2 of the 3.
Helm of the Proud – 2,200 Justice Points. This is the only helm offering pure avoidance stats plus the +45stam socket bonus.
Helm of Setesh – Setesh, H Halls of Origination. 
Grinning Fang Helm/Crown of Wings – Revered with Dragonmaw/Wildhammer Clan.

Neck: There is only one with a socket, so it takes the cake for pre-raid and well into the tier. 
Elementium Guardian – Jewelcrafting BoE.
The Lustrous Eye – 1,250 Justice Points. 
Carrier Wave Pendant – Ascendant Lord Obsidius, H Blackrock Caverns. 
Mountain’s Mouth – Honored with Guardians of Hyjal. 

Shoulders: The obvious choice here are going to be BoE epics just due to the amount if itemization they have versus 346 blues.
Heaving Plates of Protection – BoE from Bastion of Twilight
Pauldrons of Edward the Odd – BoE World Drop. 
Earthshape Pauldrons – Drahga Shadowburner, H Grim Batol. 
Sunburnt Pauldrons – 1,650 Justice Points. 
Earthshape Pauldrons – Drahga Shadowburner, Grim Batol. 

Back: With a 359 cloak from rep, we can't go wrong...
Wrap of the Great Turtle – Exalted with Guardians of Hyjal. 
Zom’s Electrostatic Cloak – BoE World Drop.
Twilight Dragonscale Cloak – Leatherworking BoE.
Billowing Cape – Asaad, H Vortex Pinnacle. 

Chest: In my eyes, because of the two gem stats on the 346s, I'm ranking them higher than the crafted 359 chest.
Beauty’s Plate – Beauty, H Blackrock Caverns. 
Chestplate of the Steadfast – 2,200 Justice Points.
Hardened Elementium Bulwark – Blacksmithing BoE.

Wrist: More epics from rep...sign me up...
Sandguard Bracers – Exalted with Ramkahen. 
Shackles of Undeath – Lord Godfrey, H Shadowfang Keep. 
Armguards of Earthly Light – Isiset, H Halls of Origination.

Hands: Justice points, blue slot, mastery bonus...yes please
Numbing Handguards – 1,650 Justice Points. 
Fingers of Light – Rajh, H Halls of Origination. 
Gloves of the Greymane Wall – Baron Ashbury, H Shadowfang Keep. 

Waist: The crafted belt here is definitely worth the mats
Hardened Elementium Girdle – Blacksmithing BoE.
Belt of the Ferocious Wolf – Exalted with Guardians of Hyjal. (Yes I know its DPS, gem it for stam and enjoy some extra threat. If you have the cloak, and don't want to pay for the crafted one, this is a good alternative for no extra work)
Girdle of the Mountains – 1,650 Justice Points. 
Sand Dune Belt – Augh, H Lost City of the Tol’vir.
Belt of Guardianship – BoE World Drop

Legs: Stamina socket bonus...snag the one with the blue gem requirement if possible.
Greaves of Splendor – 2,200 Justice Points
Triton Legplates – Neptulon’s Cache, H Throne of the Tides.
Stone-Wrapped Greaves – Honored with Earthen Ring. 

Feet: More f***ing epics from rep?! F*** YEAH!
Boots of Sullen Rock/Gryphon Rider’s Boots – Exalted with Dragonmaw/Wildhammer Clan. 
Baron Silverlaine’s Greaves – Baron Silverlaine, H Shadowfang Keep
Ramkahen Front Boots – Quest Reward for completing Lost City of the Tol’vir.

Rings: The one with the socket is an obvious choice...get what you can to fill the void.
Elementium Moebius Band – Jewelcrafting BoE. Solid ring with a gem socket, so find yourself a Jewelcrafter!
Ring of Three Lights – Siamat, H Lost City of the Tol’vir.
Felsen’s Ring of Resolve – Revered with Therazane. 
Red Rock Band – Revered with Ramkahen. (Expertise/Mastery, both are useful stats)
Temple Band – Zone Drop BoE, Halls of Origination. 

Trinkets: Stamina you say? Well that doesn't leave us many options so I hope you're an alchemist...
Lifebound Alchemist Stone – Alchemy (500) 
Leaden Despair – High Priestess Azil, H Stonecore. 
Za’brok’s Lucky Tooth – Quest reward, Twilight Highlands. (FFFFFFF STAMINA FIENDS)
Porcelain Crab – Mindbender Ghur’sha, H Throne of the Tides.
Impetuous Query – Zone Drop BoE, Lost City of the Tol’vir.

Weapons: Not a big selection here...
Vicious Gladiator's Bonecracker – Conquest Points
Vicious Gladiator's Hacker – Conquest Points
Vicious Gladiator's Slicer – Conquest Points
Elementium Fang – High Priestess Azil, H Stonecore.
Mace of Transformed Bone – Erudax, H Grim Batol.

Shield: Lots of epics here...None are going to be cheap though...
Blockade’s Lost Shield – World Drop BoE. 
Elementium Earthguard – Blacksmithing BoE.
Vicious Gladiator's Shield Wall – Conquest Points
Shield of the Four Grey Towers – 950 Justice Points
Shield of the Iron Maiden – Rom’ogg Bonecrusher, H Blackrock Caverns.
Twilight Mirrorshield/Truthbreaker Shield – Quest reward, Twilight Highlands.

That sums it up, if I forget anything from the list of if you think my rankings are off, feel free to get in touch with me or leave a comment! Hope it helps!


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