To All the Anti-Rift WoW Fanboys

Here are a few things I'm going to throw out there to derail some of the annoying things being tossed around about Rrift being a wow clone.

First of all- When wow was released it was a clone of about 6 different MMOs mixed together. with a few new concepts.

Secondly- Rift is a clone of some major current MMOs, WoW being one of them. as well as WHO, AOC, and EQ2 with a little bit of GW with the class mixing. Rift has also added a few new concepts.

-Server Wide raiding. wait... games have server events? THEY SHOULD ITS NOT A MMO if you cant incorporate tons of people at once. Lineage 2 did this very well.

this game mixes this concept with..

Instance raiding- get a group zone out to a smaller area fight stuff get loot. Most people think this is a WoW concept..... its not Koreans have done this in MMOs for years, but you all thought it was revolutionary right?...

Moving on-

"OMG guys we have health bars, combo points similair commands, and color coded items!" this is just a pretty wow.

Ok first of all have you ever heard the term "if it aint broke dont fix it"?

Wow has dominated the MMO market in the united states for years.
9 times out of 10 when an MMO tries to make a totaly new concept in and out it fails...
Why try to make an entirely new system UI and battle allong with little things like item coding. 
when another development company did all that for you and proved that their system works.
its good marketing take somthing ridiculously popular and tweak it. Look at a tooth brush. did you know that bend wasnt originally there? but that guy that added that bend was just cloning a toothbrush so it doesnt count.


becuase people like you got used to one game and your tiny little mind couldnt fathom a different game arctype than what you had been used to.


well Trion and Rift helped you with that.


You can enjoy this game without having to use your brain. Becuase i gaurantee 85-90% of the people playing Rift right now at one point played WoW.... me being one of them.

Is this game revolutionary?


Was it suppost to be revolutionary?


Is it still a good game?

Yes, and to be frank my first impressions of this game wreck what I thought of Wow in its original realse.

I can quest, que up for pvp and when im getting bored of collecting crap and killing mobs i can go help my zone defeat rifts and get bonuses for doing so.


Keep in mind i guarantee allot of you that recently played wow probably started mid stroke. Vanilla Wow wasnt amazing they built onto that game for 6 years to get it to where it is now.

this game has been out for a week today.

unbunch your undies, think outside the box, and if you dont like it dont play it.


  1. I don't understand why theres so much hate when a new mmo comes out, its ok for games to borrow ideas from other games

  2. to be honest i USED to play WoW before cataclysm ever since before burning crusade came out but i quit shortly after WOTLK. i never tried rift though, ill look into it

  3. I'll just stick to Minecraft, I can't get into MMOs, but DCU online may change that if I can ever afford it.

  4. I admit I've never played either

  5. I don't let other people tell me how to like a game. It's probably why I still play Final Fantasy XI :L

  6. Never played WoW before, but after this post, i might play Rift :) followed

  7. Great blog,keep up the good work

  8. I'm not pro-anything, but I would argue that even though wow DID rip most gameplay ideas from existing games, I would say that the reason it was so successful is that it built these feature on top of a already successful mythology.

  9. its an mmo, its kind of hard not to take ideas away from other games

  10. So much nerd hate in this word, why cant everyone just enjoy games and be merry
    How to Hack Life.

  11. Sounds like a good game, it's a shame that people become so closed and are afraid to try new things.

  12. Oh WoW, when will you cease to be.

  13. There's a lot of hype about this game. I'm eager to try it soon

  14. Nice post and I agree. Rift is more of the same but that's not really a bad thing. The rifts and invasions are really fun as well and great at pulling the community together, something that WoW has never really excelled at.

  15. mmo's are mmo's, it's all the same basis...

  16. Looking forward to trying Rift. Found out about the game and the beta a few days before it ended. :(

  17. WoW is beginning to die down, from what I hear. They've got too many new things added for boosting power/items/levels that new players just don't sign up as often or stay playing as often. And it's tough to add the same amount of new content only for old players without the increased revenues from the new signups.