How-to: Black Garden (Rift-PvP)

After killing carrier and pick it up and carrying it alone almost every games I been in so far at this headstart, I have to make this post.
Defiant dont really know how to PVP. well, not all but most of us.
So here are some very basic if you have no clue what to do.

Basic rules:
In Black Garden, the rules is like Oddball in HALO. The team that get hold of the fang up to 500 points wins the game. The catch is that the further away from the center (Black ground, glooming spike place) you get less point over time. and the fang carrier get the Damge over Time that get higher and higher.

So in center you have 6 points, further away, you got 4, 2, 1 points etc.

There are also 2 power-up at each side, left and right of the garden, I believe.

So what to do?

1. Dont be scared!
At Start, push the middle so our team can have more people try to pick up and interrupt enemy as much as possible. Try to pick it up as soon as possible. You will most likely to die in black garden once or twice. So its normal! Dont be scared to kamikaze once in a while if its worth it.
Fear, CC, knockback, AoE whatever...

2. Protect our carrier! 
Depending on the situation, but normally our carrier should be behind our tree to stay out of sight from range and caster dmg. in this way, you get decent points (4 points), safer, and easier to switch the fang carrier.

3. Switching the fang carrier! 
If the dot is more then 500 or 600dmg. carrier should say "Switch" and healer should stop healing. then someone please pick it up after carrier drop the fang.
We are doing this because we can switch carrier when it is the safest and by this way we'll have an optimize carrier health when enemy attacks.

In case of enemy getting hold of the fang:

4. Attack the fang CARRIER!
The faster the enemy carrier dies, the less points they will get. 
Focus the fang carrier as fast as possible, ignore other players. They will try to set up a blockade to the carrier but you have to just push in. DO NOT standing there try to attack the blockade.

5. Pick it up!
Again! Pick the fang up! and run back to your side!

6. Repeat

I hope this help you a little on how to understand and get into the black garden. Any suggestion or tips to add is most welcome


  1. Very interesting info, must try.

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