Random Update, Defender, Guild Recruitment....

It's been nearly a week since my last post, I apologize. I've got a couple more guides I'm working on, mostly gear guides for combat rogues and protection paladins. I've been pretty busy since my last post, my main (Jcache, combat rogue) finally got his ', Defender of a Shattered World' after a horrible night spent on Al'Akir 25m, that fight is horribly tuned versus the 10m version, its almost sickening considering the gear you get.

My guild seems to be doing well, having to turn back to recruitment for a couple slots. Our Ele Shammy is going to need to turn his focus to school very soon, so we're on the hunt for an elemental shaman. Our mut rogue requested to be demoted to a social after riding the bench and missing out on some of our 'big' kills, so, we're also interested in another rogue of any variety. One of the DKs decided to up and go play with "RL" friends, pretty unexpected, one of our Invincibles gone /cry. He forgot to remove a few people from realID and was seen to be raiding on another server within an hour or so of his transfer...kind of fishy but, the less melee the better, yet we're still in the market for a DK.

We started our 10-man alt-run last night. Absolutely horrid raid comp, we went in with Prot Paladin, Bear Druid, Frost DK, BM Hunter, Spriest, Fire? Mage, Boomkin, Holy Priest, Resto Druid, Holy Pally. We managed to tackle Magmaw and Omnitron with no issue other than slow DPS. Now, Im well aware of Blizzard's "Bring the player not the class" policy, but holy f*** what I wouldn't of given for a shammy for wind sheer, or a rogue for kick...or both. Myself (Prot pally, Thrilladin) got the main tank spot, which I was fine with. After facegrinding Maloriak for several attempts and having too many adds spawning due to missed interrupts we decided to head over to Bastion. Wyrmbreaker we had...Slate, Nether and Stormrider. Freeing Storm first, only to not be able to catch Shadow Nova on every CD wipes us several times...we ended up calling it a night at that point. Overall, I'm decently happy with killing two bosses and happy that we could pull 10 people together for an alt run. Hopefully with an adjustment to group comp we'll make things work and see more progression.

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