Prospectin' Made Easy

Prospecting has always been a decent way to make gold. Its one of the more complicated ways to make gold and even involves some risk. Some of the people who use the raw ore for prospecting take it seriously enough that they run spreadsheets similar to raiders eying their next upgrade. Well, today I'd like to feature Ore Crusher, an in-game prospecting spreadsheet.

OreCrusher - Addons - Curse

Simply scan the AH with Auctioneer, and then type "/oc" or "/theoc" or"/orecrusher". You can force GetAuctionBuyout when you have Auctioneer installed by using the toggle command:"/oc altbuyout". Fill in the stack information, and the addon will do the rest. It will give you an idea of how much to spent per stack of ore to insure you make a profit.