The so-called "Good Ole Days"

Here's my daily rant...A trend I see more and more lately is so-called "veterans" talking up the "vintage" WoW, how amazing 40-man raiding was, how hard the encounters were, how hard gold was to come by, etc. We've all seen them, on forums, in /trade, sometimes it's even a guildmate.

As a veteran WoW-player, having started during Vanilla, I was casual at best but managed to get some raid time in. I can honestly say, WoW right now, in all it's "casual-favoring" glory, is leaps and bounds better than it was in Vanilla.

Raiding back then consisted of -TONS- of AFK checks, loads of explanations, tons of glitches and even when you managed to get 40 people to come together and pay attention, only 20-25 of them actually knew what the fel they were doing. We didn't have DBM screaming at us to gtfo, we didn't have countdown timers for boss abilities, we didn't have forums and resources such as EJ, we didn't know what strict rotations were, we didn't have recount to watch our meters.

To all you "vets"...get over yourselves, enjoy the changes, they're for the best. To all you "wrath babies", thank you for buying, subscribing and playing WoW, without you guys, we wouldn't have heroic modes.


  1. Meh, part of the reason I quit was the "welfare epics" epidemic that was creeping in. I got tired of dealing with geared out people who obviously had no idea what they were doing-- they were just along for the free loot.

  2. I started playing in Vanilla, but I've never seen Vanilla's raids, since when BC came I was at level 50 or something... But the people I know that were doing those 40-man raids (and I'm in a good guild, which nearly completed all of the Vanilla's raids) says that those raids were someway easier: since you couldn't manage to have 40 people move perfectly, the fights didn't require that. I have a friend that constantly says that it was more relaxing back then, since the effort was divided by so many.

    The thing on which I would agree is that BC was more challenging and fun than WotLK (at least it was for me), but I think Cataclysm fixed that... Now we just have to re-learn to use cooldowns ^_^