I'm Just Grindin' Man, Ya'll Never Mind Me

So heres a nice way to grind some gold. Netting ~3000g per hour from it, depending on server prices. There are better ways to grind gold, but if you dont have gathering proffesions, this might help.

We are gonna farm big packs of mobs in Deepholm, with a Potion of Treasure Finding buff (Potion of Treasure Finding - Item - World of Warcraft). 

The mobs we are after:
Jaspertip Swarmer: Jaspertip Swarmer - NPC - World of Warcraft
Stone Bat: Stone Bat - NPC - World of Warcraft

They respawn quite quickly, only takes about 20 seconds to find a group, they roam around alot, and are easily AoE'd down.

Here's a list of items after 1 hour of farming.
-31 Tiny Treasure Chests.
-110 Embersilk Cloth.
-26 stacks of gray junk. 
-18 gray weapons/armor.
-12 Greens.
-1 Blue BoE
-61 Toughend Flesh

The Chests contained:
-144 Embersilk Cloth.
-8 Volatile Life
-12 Volatile Earth.

So 1hour = ~3000g at current server prices.
Happy farming!

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  1. Nice find! I remember spending a month in vanilla trying to farm up 1k gold for my mount.