Profiting from a Cataclysm (Part 1)

A lot of people have asked me what I plan to do to make gold for the new expansion, with WotLK I was lucky enough to have the gold to blow to have JCing maxed pretty quick, I was also one of the first on my server to have the +defense cut. Friends and I have discussed ideas, how-to guides as well as brainstormed on our own. I've come down to two niches I'll be focusing on, pets and bags. And please, save the Paris Hilton jokes.

With that being said...first I'll talk bags. First thing I do when I roll an alt that I know I'm going to take even the slightest bit serious...buy it bags. We've seen it a bit with the new class/race combos allowed after the shattering, the prices have nearly doubled due to people trying out the new combos. I'm banking on the new races to drive the prices -even- higher. The addition to mailboxes to our starting zones should even contribute more to this theory.

Netherweave and Frostweave being the preferred bags of most players, Netherweave bags are usually "cheap" pre-shattering I was buying everyone I saw under 10g, which usually left me buying 10-15 a day. Once the shattering hit, I unloaded them at ~18-22g each and watched them sell almost instantly. Frostweave on the other hand, saw slightly less of a percentage gain in the price but overall more profit. Pre-shattering there were selling for 45-50g, post shattering I unloaded them at 80-100g with a slightly slower selling rate.

The materials for either bag are decently cheap now as well if you have a tailor capable of crafting them. First, we'll break down the material cost of each bag.

Netherweave Bag: 4xBolt of Netherweave (20xNetherweave Cloth) + 1xRune Thread.
It costs me somewhere in the 10g range to craft each bag, not a bad investment
 for a 18-20g return with potential for more profit.

Frostweave Bag: 6xBolt of Imbued Frostweave Cloth (60xFrostweave Cloth+12xInfinite dust)
 + 2 Eternium Thread.
It costs me in the neighborhood of 45g to craft a single bag, still not a bad investment for 
80-100g return and possibly even more with Cata.

I'd be willing to say both of these are pretty solid investments for Tuesday, I've personally 
dumped 2-3k or so into crafting bags in the past week so far, hopefully it pays off! 

We'll talk pets tomorrow with Part 2!

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  1. With pets, do you mean Critters? Because I know on my server a lot of their price ranges sky rocketed over night. I think that there was a particular one from Deadmines that you can't get anymore that went from 10g to about 1500g