Guild Achievements and random babbling.

For those of you who didn't get a chance to play on the beta and witness the Guild Achievements, we can actually view the frame in our achievements tab now, we just need to coax it out. 

Just a simple little script and pressing your (Y) key or however you bring up your achievement window will now allow you to browse through the guild achievements on the live servers. 

/run GetGuildLevelEnabled = function() return true end if AchivementFrame_SetTabs then AchivementFrame_SetTabs() end

Theres the script, give it a shot! 5 days til Cata folks!


On a side note, while leveling my hunter today, I was doing some random dungeons via the LFD tool. Granted, I love it and think it to be an excellent addition to WoW but lately Ive been seeing a lot of...for the lack of a better term, morons. 

If you saw my tweet yesterday, managed to have my hunter RaFed and boosted through dungeon for the past couple days in some downtime in a matter of 6 hours /played. A very small investment for a level 60 in my eyes. So today after ditching what starter gear I still had and picking a couple greens off the AH, I made my way to outlands, quested a little and got sucked into a random.

Decent group, everything going well, and we get to the big felguard guys near the end of...Blood Furnace? so I get to minimum range, and spam arcane shot like a pro. So this shaman says "GET TO MIN RANGE NUB"...to which I reply, "I am, I know how to play.". So he goes on to tell me I wasn't and "You're bad...and you're from Moon Guard LOLOLOL.". I'm not one to brag or gloat but I informed him I wasn't your average person from an RP server that I was a core DPS in a top 300 guild as well being someone with ",the Light of Dawn". To which he asked my main's name, which I gladly gave him. This led to a 2minute AFK and him leaving the group. 

At this point, it hit me...why is there the stereotype of players on RP servers being bad players? Anyone willing to put in their opinion or observations from any players from RP realms you've come across?


  1. Nice trick with the Guild achieves lol.
    And I really don't understand the stereotyping of players in general. Really no point to claim flaws that may not even exist. Just wastes time. Personally, I don't even bother looking at someone Realm when I join a group using the LFD.

  2. More time spent RPing, less time spent playing/raiding/learning your class. That's the stereotype that leads to people thinking people from RP servers are bad.

    Course, I cringe when I see someone from MG in a random, but it has nothing to do with RP server (I'm from Cenarion Circle myself) and everything to do with something like 90% or more of the people that make me want to /wrist in randoms end up being from MG. :/