Stop! Collaborate and Listen!

Don't exchange your Justice Points. Now I know trading them in for heirlooms, or gems to make some quick coin seems attractive, but just hear me out. Save them for Cataclysm 85 raid-entry items!!

Nearly everyone is talking about saving them, but most don't know what they're actually saving for. At the moment, the Justice Points cap is 4000. 

Here's a list of the items that are purchasable with Justice Points.

More specifically, these are the items that we are saving for (1250-2200 Justice Points).

In any case, the main idea is to save for these entry-level raid items, especially the ones that are providing a large portion of one of our main stats as DPS (hit, and large amounts of it). 

So get to those heroics, do some old content, just hit that 4k cap and get the jump on those less informed!

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