Bored of the AH? Try this!

Hey everyone.

I have found that the Normal 5 man Wrath instances are quite easy to solo with my DPS spec'd Death Knight.

In 5 man Dungeons, there are chances of the following drops:

Cloth - Great for making and selling bags, or just sell by the stack.
BoE Blues - In Normal 5 mans there are plenty of BoE Blue drops that can still sell well
BoE Greens - for DE or selling, I usually try to vendor anything over 8g due to the price of infinite dust on my server.
Boss drops to vendor.

Probably the best thing about soloing these is the fact that most players have ran though them with groups a number of times and know the shortcuts/NPC abilities etc.

Escape the daily grind of gathering/auctioning and try a change of scenery!

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