How to Get Noticed on Your Server.

An Idea of What Not to Do
Becoming famous on your server can be a very hard feat to accomplish without the idea of offensive behavior involved which leads to being infamous. Most people that are famous on a server became infamous due to offensive behavior, examples of these are: trolling, ninja looting, flaming, leaving pugs, using bots, etc.

The Golden Rule
On the contrary there are many ways to become famous on a server. First of all you must follow “Golden” rule. Abide by the rules that Blizzard has made for the game. If you don’t then you are considered to be a person who can’t agree to keeping your word (remember the Terms of Use) thus leading to people not respecting you. If people do not respect you then they will most likely never want to join your groups or guilds just because they know from past experiences with you that you tend to be a very tedious person to deal with. 

How to Contribute
Contributing to the server can be done in many ways such as: Mentoring newbies, Leading pugs/guild raids or arena teams in a suitable style, Being an effective raider or pvper that rarely makes a mistake, starting a guild, etc.

The Newbies
Mentoring newbies is a very good way to get yourself on another players friends list. Although they may be newbies, think about when they reach the level cap and remember what you have told/taught them. They may want to raid with you, maybe even ask for you to join their hardcore guild (they may take awhile before they become a hardcore raider themselves) or arena team. This leads to being a better known player even if it starts out with the newbies. 

Those Guilds and Raids need YOUR Help
Leading pugs/guild raids or even an arena team can be very good for your reputation as long as you lead it in a appropriate fashion. To lead a raid you need good organization skills (especially for pugs), 25 man raids require more than 10 man raids as a result of more people to consider to join the raid and more to manage. DO NOT go AFK and ask someone else to do it, it is your raid therefore you lead it. Lead effectively. Don’t attack other players for mistakes they make, explain to them what their mistake was in a peaceful way as to not lead to an argument that could break a raid up. Keeping your composure is very important because people will take advantage of you if you don’t. 

Those Guilds and Raids need YOUR Help (continued)
Watch the rolls, you do not want to accidentally give leather gloves with intellect on it to a warrior, that will cause a huge kerfuffle in the raid. Read up tactics for bosses so people hopefully do not make errors and if somebody asks specifically for what their role is for the boss then explain it to them quickly, be quick so the raid doesn’t get anxious (referring to pugs there). For arena teams a lot of that read above is already explained except there are no bosses involved and no rolling either. As said above (the newbies section) this will lead to people wanting you to be on their friends list.

People Want a Flawless Person
Being an effective raider/pvper that rarely makes a mistake is extremely important (also goes really well with being the raid leader). Though it is said above that it is ok to make a mistake if you just by chance tend to be out of it or something, it really is nice to have a flawless (or mostly flawless) raider/pvper. They can really change the tide of battle when needed or make the battle easier for many others. Being flawless also means being polite and not starting flame wars with one another, people will like you more if you are polite which is also much easier (drop the pride) than boss mechanics or pvping. Read up on a website that explains boss mechanics or pvping (pvping can be more gut related sometimes) and get what you read, if it works, engrained in your head. Making yourself flawless is hard task but trying to achieve it will better you as a raider/pvper. 

Guilds Are the Key
The simplest way of really becoming famous is by starting a guild. If you can make a successful guild then you can become famous very quickly. Starting a guild up itself is not very easy, it is very hard at the beginning though it gets easier once you know who to put at the officer position to treat the guilds needs at specific areas. People who have started guilds fully well know that inviting people is a tricky task that takes time and who to invite is also very important. The best kind of guild to start up for your step towards being famous is a raiding guild. You need to step up and advertise your guild. Also it is highly recommended to make a website because it makes your guild look a lot more superior than other guilds that don’t have a website. A website shows professionalism makes you look a lot better on your behalf. 

You, YES YOU! Are the Leader
Though the above is required, you need to be a good guild leader at the same time. To be a good guild leader you have to be sociable person with everyone in the guild, you need to be commanding on what to do and always think about if it is best for the guild, and use your officers wisely for they also portray the guild too. Help your guild and they will help you in return. A very important thing about guilds though is if you are aiming to be famous then you need be devoted to it (may be hard if you have a full-time real life job). Being devoted can impress your guild members and other players in the game. 

Friends and Hindering
Being on a friends list is very important (it is your helping hand) as well as being the guild leader of a highly respected guild. Do not do anything that you think could hinder your reputation. Doing so can ruin everything because people always remember the bad over the good.


  1. Pretty good infos. I stopped playing WoW a couple months ago though :(

  2. damn my friend is gonna love this. hes like a total wow fanatic

  3. There was a guy on my server who stood on the Orgrimmar auction house and gave out gold for correctly answering trivia questions. That guy was popular.

  4. Haven't played WoW in ages, but I remember the best way to get famous is start singing in all caps in Org...




  5. My buddy was famous on my old server, I switched to a new one and it doesnt really seem like there are any famous players here

  6. With the ammount of idiots online, it's really not that hard to make people like you. Making them like you and remember you also is a bit trickier. Good info.

  7. I go far as to say that the golden rule should apply to everyone at all times ever! Unfortunately, some people lack that little voice of common sense haha.

  8. I was infamous in a mmo once many years ago.